The capital of the Langa Astigiana

Roccaverano is the small capital of the Langa Astigiana, a mountain community in the province of Asti. It is the highest point in the province at a height of 800 m above sea level.

It sits magnificently on the top of the hill that divides the two Bormida valleys, immersed in stunning scenery of woodland and ancient terraces, of waterfalls and grazing pastures. There is a mythical dimension to the area where each part exudes the history of past centuries.

This small town is rapidly becoming a tourist destination with its art treasures from centuries past.  It is an area which is able to capitalize on its natural beauty and its gastronomic delights : from the Robiola cheese  to hazelnuts, from the speciality of young milk-fed kid goat to the local cured meats.


The charm of this village starts in the main square: the stunning Renaissance parish church, the castle, the tower and the never-ending landscape. The church was commissioned in 1509 by the bishop Enrico Bruno, native of Roccaverano, and is based on a design by the architect Bramante. Only a huge wall remains of the castle with three mullioned windows, while the 30 m high circular tower can still be accessed. After taking in the breathtaking scenery one should take a stroll around the historical centre.

Not to be missed is the church of San Giovanni, the ancient parish which has one of the most important late Gothic frescoes in Piedmont.

The splendid 13th century Tower of Vengore stands alone between fields and woodland.

Below this magnificent tower you can follow a winding trail among the terraces of contemporary sculptures, enriched every year with new works of art by Italian and international sculptors: PARCO D’ARTE QUARELLI

The gastronomic jewel in the crown is the Robiola cheese of Roccaverano DOP, produced with unpasteurized goat’s milk, the first goat’s cheese to have been awarded the “Denominazione di Origine Protetta” (Protected Designation of Origin).

Events in and around Roccaverano

  • Sagra del Polentone (the first Sunday in June)
  • Fiera Carrettesca – Robiola cheese tasting fair (last Sunday in June, bringing together in Roccaverano all the Robiola DOP cheese producers from the whole of the Bormida valley.
  • Cena sotto le stelle – dining under the stars (this takes place on the public holiday of Ferragosto, 15th August – one of two culinary days)
  • Mostra Caprina – Goat Show (first Sunday in September)
  • Festa del Patrono San Gerolamo – (in September) Festival of the Patron Saint Day.