A respectable holiday is also made of moments of relax and shopping, with carefree walks among the shops in the name of shopping. Piedmont is also this because yesterday’s traditions combine today’s style and modernity.

The thermal baths of Acqui Terme

A short walk from Roccaverano is the small town of Acqui Terme. Its history dates back to Ancient Rome, when it was already known for its thermal waters that naturally flow from the ground.

Today this beautiful city is famous for its modern spa structure as well as for its archaeological finds from the Roman era and for the famous Piazza della Bollente, whose fountain is built on a spring from which water constantly gushes at 74.5 degrees.

If you want to give yourself a little ‘healthy relaxation at the spa of Acqui, try the Spa Lago delle Sorgenti.


The Designe Outlet of Serravalle

If you want to spend a day shopping and fashion, the Serravalle Designer Outlet in Serravalle Scrivia is a must. A little more than 1 hour drive from Roccaverano, with its 51,500 square meters and its 250 stores, is the largest outlet in Europe.

Over the years the Design Outlet has continued to expand giving life to a real city of fashion and design.