In Roccaverano every year many events are held. these events are part of popular history. During these festivals it is possible to rediscover the simplicity of life in the ancient country and the flavors of tradition. Myth and reality are mixed in the historical re-enactments that characterize these events.

Sagra del Polentone

The Sagra del Polentone of Roccaverano is one of the oldest popular rituals linked to the preparation of polenta in the entire Bormida Valley. Polenta is served and accompanied by the typical food and wine products of the Langa Astigiana.

To make the atmosphere even more suggestive, throughout the country you can witness the historical re-enactments of various historical groups that offer an exciting glimpse of the trades and life of the past.

The magical atmosphere of the monumental complex of the Bramante Church and of the medieval castle is the setting for an event that for hundreds of years has renewed the communion of the local people with their own tradition.


Fiera carrettesca

The Robiola di Roccaverano D.O.P. and the wines of the Langhe and Monferrato territory are the protagonists of the Fiera Carrettesca held on the last weekend of June.

In addition to the awarding of the best “formaggetta”, the day is animated by the Pro loco of the Municipalities of Valle Bormida that prepare and distribute their typical dishes.

Cena sotto le stelle

Cena sotto le Stelle is an event held every year during the period of Ferragosto in the beautiful Piazza Barbero for two days of degustration of typical products and wines of the Langhe and of course the typical cheese of Roccaverano: the Robiola D.O.P.

After dinner, as usual, you dance until late at night.


Mostra caprina

The Mostra Caprina is a unique and unmissable exibition that bears witness to the strong tradition of Roccaverano. An incredible parade of kids and goats from which milk is taken for the production of Robiola di Roccaverano, recognized DOP in 1996.

During the event, the goats parade inside a ring. First for the public and then for a technical jury, where they are evaluated by the judges who will choose the “Best in the show” of the day. Throughout the day, the village is animated by flea markets and exhibitions set up for the occasion.

Festa del patrono San Gerolamo

San Gerolamo is an ancient fraction of Roccaverano, whose name derives from the homonymous Patron Saint. The San Gerolamo Festival takes place on the last Sunday of September and is a regular appointment with good food and good wine from the territory of the Langa Astigiana.