The Langa Astigiana is a territory of great charm for many aspects. The altitude of its hills, where the vineyards slowly leave room for the woods and the climate that is already affected by the proximity of the sea are not the only attractions. Even art, of yesterday and today, has shaped and continues to add enchantment to these territories.

Parco d’arte Quarelli

A few steps from the Bramante Hotel, the Parco d’arte Quarelli Art Park winds its way through the green hills of Roccaverano, a perfect combination of art and nature. Through small paths through the woods, there is a path of contemporary art that is enriched year after year with works created specifically for the park.

A unique and special experience, not to be missed for those who love art and hiking in the countryside.


Churches and sanctuaries

Langhe and Monferrato are full of churches and places of worship, both small and large, perched on the silent hills or immersed in the lively villages and towns. The obligatory stop is the church of Santa Maria Annunziata in the central square of Roccaverano, whose decorated facade is attributed to the hand of Bramante.

Other obligatory stops are the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in the heart of Alba, the parish of San Martino di La Morra, a characteristic village that offers a 360 degree view of all the Langhe, the Cathedral of Acqui Terme, an ancient spa town of Roman times.

There are many places to visit and we will be happy to give you all the information to make your trip unforgettable.

The Big Benches

Seeing the same landscape from different perspectives can be a special and interesting experience. this is the effect that he wanted to recreate the designer Chris Bangle with his Grandi Panchine.

It is a series of works of art scattered between Alta Langa and Liguria that depict giant benches, climbing on which, you can enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape from a new perspective

Going in search of the Grandi Panchine can be a good excuse to start discovering the territory of the Alta Langa.